Daily Prompt: Landscape

Today’s Daily Prompt:

When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?

Out of my window……is a Terrace Garden, which is beautiful and very eye pleasing.

After that the remaining part gives me a feel of a big deserted island which is isolated and no one prefers to visit it.

On right side of the its building under construction which have no hint of Trees in it.

On left a number of Row Bungalows with huge gardens and yes here I can see trees.

If I look straight on the other side of “That” deserted island there is a Society, I can see its boundary and a trees. yes here I can see trees, good number of trees standing tall, loud and proud of being there when there are not much trees in the neighborhood.

Ok so that was about reality…what actually is out of my window when I sneak outside sometime ditching my laptop. When I meet someone I usually observe their overall personality at first and if we interact afterwards then I used to notice their behavior or reaction as well.

But that’s not all for me, as I don’t get impressed easily with what people do around me. And I have a good control over myself so if I don’t like something about someone it does not matter how hard they try to show off (you know Attention Seeker people…I have a lot of them in my office….and its hard to get rid them….:( )  its pretty hard to get any reaction from me then they have to back off.

And if I like their behavior more than their overall personality (that’s very very rare for me) then it’s easy to gel with such people. Also easy to maintain friendship as well.

All in all I do  notice A Forest first and if by any chance I choose to enter the forest I’ll get to see trees as well. But if I don’t like any any tree I am out of the Forest. And afterwards that Forest does not exist for me AT ALL.


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