Daily Prompt: Success

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.

This is what today’s Daily Prompt.

There are many motto that I believe and follow in my life and one of them is

Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst.

So that if something did not turn out to be as you hoped then its not the end, its not be demotivated. But just to  let you know that this was not meant for you so just Keep Your Hopes Alive and Move On. Dont let that one Worst moment ruin remaining hopeful moments.

And that’s how I  have lived my so far. As I have more moments when hope dint turn out to be a success as compared to the successful moments. But those fewer successful moments have bigger impact on my Life as compared to the large number of not so successful moments.

Below is the time when I hoped something and it did become true after a long time:

1. Most memorable one is when I hoped to join my Dream company after completing my engineering  (just a random thought came to my mind I how nice it would be to get selected in this company), and I hoped it when I was going for counseling to get admission in engineering college. And after 4 years 6 months I got selected in the very same Company. That’s another story that I faced competitions for 8 companies prior to this attempt and I was not feeling well on that day. But still worked hard and with God’s grace I managed to crack written test, Technical Interview and HR round. And it was 11:30 PM in the night I got the result that I have cleared. I was so so damn happy to be controlled with late night and I called my mom, my best friends to inform them the BIG News of my life.

I can still feel the same excitement, happiness and shocking as well that how could something that I hoped 4 years in advance did come true. And I am still in the same company for last 5 years, everyone around me asks me to switch but I am still very attached and emotional about My Success of My Hope that still not want to  leave it.


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